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Faux Stainless  Steel & Faux Granite Films

That is NOT your grandma’s Con-Tact Paper. EzFaux Decor’s® faux Granite™ & Faux Stainless™ film is manufactured from upcycled plastics and created using a 4 measure calendered process. Faux Granite™ & Faux Stainless™ Film is quite a bit thicker than grandmother’s ConTact Paper and is BUBBLE RESISTANT. This merchandise will cover appliances that are textured. Faux Granite™ & Faux Stainless™ Film’s are manufactured in an ISO 9001 Accredited Facility. Faux Granite™ & Faux Stainless™ Film’s have a transparent top coat for durability and uses a non-toxic water based adhesive. Faux Granite™ & Faux Stainless™ Film’s are bubble resistant and it helps you in creating NEW appearances or fixing the appearance of ANY smooth surfaces. Tear Resistant up to 330 pounds per yard.Stain Resistant for things like ink, grape juice and wine. Fade Resistant, Wear Resistant. Weather Secure for over 800 hours. Dimensionally Stable when subjected to cold and hot.Heat Resistant up to 240F and carries a full 5 Year Warranty. Insist on EzFaux Décor LLC® quality.

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