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  Faux Films FAQ's

Instant Faux Films FAQ's

Q. Does the film have an adhesive backing?
A. Yes, our  film has a non-permanent adhesive backing. This helps the film to stay on over extended period of time.  It also helps keep the corners from lifting.

Q. Do you Need any special tools?
A. No, Most people have already have the tools needed: Tape Measure, Razor knife, Scissors and a Plastic Squeegee,  Please see the Installation Tutorials!

Q. How do you remove the film?
A. The Film can  simply peel off. Just pull back a corner to start peeling off.   Warming the film with a blow dryer is helpful and will pull off easier.  If any adhesive residue remains it can be sprayed with warm soapy, water, WD-40,  Windex or Adhesive Remover, let it set for a few seconds, and then wipe clean. A plastic squeegee may also be helpful but is not necessarily needed.

Q. My appliances have a slight texture will this show through the Stainless Film?                                              
If  you are covering an appliance with a texture the film will still go on  smooth. But if you are doing a backsplash the grout will cause air pockets so these will nedd to be filled and made smooth

Q. Can the films be used on Plexiglass and other surfaces?
A. Yes, any of the films can be used on plexiglass or other surfaces ie: Wood, Vinyl, Plastic Glass. It is best to start with a clean surface.

Q. Are the films OK to use on Ranges and ovens?
A. Yes, The Stainless and other films are heat resistant from 50°F-122°F (degrees). So it may the be used on the outside door panel or top of range as long as heat dose not exceed 122°.

Q. How do I care for my film?
A. Although the  film is scratch resistant we recommend using Windex or Mild soapy water to clean.

Q. I have beveled edges on my kitchen island, how can I apply this film to the edges?
A. YES. Use a blow dryer or heat gun to the top of the film this will make the film soft and pliable, like spreading soft butter on bread. We suggest using the heat method on the total application to make the application easier
Q. I have a laminate and wooden piece of countertop with a slight space in between, can this be applied as one piece across both counters?
A. Yes

Q. Can you cut directly on it?
A. No, like any other counter top you would protect it.

Q. I was wondering if this could be used over tile on countertops?
A. Yes but you need to fill the grout lines so it will not make air pockets
Q. Will it still work on a counter top that has a slight teaxture or little ridges within the counter top or does it have to be a completely smooth surface in order for it to work and stick correctly?
A. No, it is very forgiving and if there is a texture or slight cuts it will go on smooth as before the grooves such as grout will make air pockets but scratches and texture will not show the film is thick enough it will be fine.
Q.  Is it durable enough to with stand cleaning and water that could get on it? 
A. Yes, it is water proof and any mild cleaner can be used on it.

Q. How long will it last?
A. As long as you want, it is plastic with a protective coating on top of it so it will keep its color and brilliance everlasting.  
Q. Can I put hot items on it?
A.  Again, like any other counter top it needs protection however it is heat resistant up to 180 degrees so warm dishes are ok.
Q. Is it permanent?
A. No, when you are tired of it just heat up a corner and then remove the film.  The film is designed that the adhesive will stay on the film NOT your counter. If there is any adhesive left on the counter top just remove it with WD40 or any adhesive remover.
Q. What if I am doing a large area and I need wider that 36" ?
A. The film fits together just like wallpaper so any size job is never too big.
Q. How do I place this around my sink?
A. It is best if you remove the sink, but is not necessary, just place a bead of clear silicone after you apply the film around it,  if you like to give it extra durability you can also seal the corners with a bead of silicone.

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